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Serena Finally.......

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

As I write this post the US Open Tennis Tournament is starting...

This year's Open will be Serena's last Tennis tournament and wow, what took her so long? I mean, give us a break, we are exhausted. Of course, you know I am being sarcastic, what I really want to say is...

Dear Serena;

You have nothing left to prove to anyone.

I can only imagine how hard it must be to walk way from Tennis. Tennis has been your constant companion for your entire life and it is time to let it go.

As you take your final bow, I am sure you know you have changed Tennis. You must realize that your power, your determination, your extreme passions and your success is unlike anything we will ever see again. And what I loved the most is you always let us know exactly how you were feeling and for that I say thank you. As kid who played a lot of Tennis and was always told I should be quiet on the court, I was told to not have have outbursts and that I was too loud. But when you would scream out in joy or anger on the court, I would be so proud that you let us in on how you were feeling and that maybe, just maybe, I acted exactly like I was supposed to act.

So, Serena, I guess as this chapter closes, there are so many other chapters you are the main character in and those chapters need their protagonist more now than ever. I know you will go on and continue to change the lives of little girls everywhere. You will continue to inspire and motivate and that is your lasting legacy.

Serena, you told all of us kids from the other side of the tracks that if you dream big and even bigger dream is possible.

With Love,

A Tennis Fan


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