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Company Culture? What is it? (Business)

Updated: May 15, 2023

Lets Talk About Company Culture and The BIG Deal!

Company Culture must be a big deal since everyone is talking about it but what I want to know is, why?

We are often told that it is about shared values, general beliefs, everyone's behavior and that all of this creates the make up of a companies culture and therefore this leads to the overall vibe, atmosphere and feel of a work place.

The truth is, a companies core cultural values is the leading determining factor of whether someone accepts a position or not and stays on the job. Today's workforce of GEN Z and Millennials require a clear message that outlines a companies culture. So, this means the company culture is everything when trying to train and attract top talent.

But getting a paycheck every week is actually the number one reason most people work and we all need to make money in order to pay our bills but here is the thing, we no longer work just for money because in today's GIG economy, we all have a lot of choices and the one thing that Millennials and Gen Z will not tolerate is a toxic work environment or an environment that is not rewarding beyond just money.

So...if you are on the executive team or the in the HR department, how do you address and create the right company culture in order for you to ensure a company is successful and that our team is buying in? Because what is expected today in the workplace is knowing that a company values us, supports our growth, encourages us and helps us collaborate as if we are also owners. Meaning, today's workforce needs to believe they are directly tied to the companies overall success and if they do not buy it, they do NOT stay!

So...back to the question: What is a companies culture? In my belief of working with fortune 500 hundred companies, advising small business entrepreneurs and managing sales offices, I have come to the conclusion that we have to encourage the chase for happiness not money. That's right, today we are chasing happiness not money. Everyone believes that if they had to get a GIG job until they find their perfect job that gives them that sense of fulfillment they are looking for, they will do that and wait for the right fit to come along. Better said, today, everyone has a backup plan and easy to get GIG jobs that hold you over didn't exists 20 years ago.

So...I think companies should keep it simple: Encourage, support, teach, reward, engage, collaborate, accept mistakes, correct errors, set clear goals but most of all......the entire executive team and management team has to be on board.

Next, make it clear that the companies culture is all of the above and a priority. Make it clear that you are entering into a partnership and in that partnership if the employee gives it their all to help the company grow they are assured in knowing that the company values their contribution and will do their part to make the partnership successful.

And finally the buy in. I encourage you the employer to understand that in order to retain the best talent, you need more than money, you need an all encompassing vision for your success to happen that creates a culture of positivity, inclusion and mutual rewards.

Best of Luck...


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