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Andy Murray is Nuts......

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

And by NUTS I mean nuts in a good way.

Andy Murray still playing Tennis is amazing. The guy has had multiple surgeries, has a new hip, then a new hip again and he is still here.

The question is why? I mean, does Andy still have something to prove or is there a tournament he wants to win that he hasn't? Because let us be honest, the chances of Andy winning another slam are slim but maybe he believes otherwise.

Isn't it at all possible that he believes he still can? Should we not be supportive of this aging champ and his dream? Yes, the answer is yes. We should support this mans dreams for as long as he has them. Who are we to tell him he can't. Why do we know better than he does?

Because in all honestly, he knows better than we do. He knows his body and he is one of the most determined athletes to ever play the sport. So, Andy, even though your body is made up of artificial parts stolen from a 70's TV show, a show called the 6 Million Dollar Man, Andy you do you, you keep going for as long as you want and only stop when you are ready or when that hip stops working.

In conclusion, what is today's lesson boys and girls? Today's lesson is: You are the master of your own life and no outside should tell you when to leave the party. That part is entirely up to you.

Good Luck Andy,

A Tennis Fan!



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