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Work, Life, Imbalance....

The truth is there is no such thing as work, life balance.

We all go into every career situation thinking there will be balance between your job and your private life or life outside of work but that is a lie. I believe its a lie that has been told by people who life in Silos. The truth is work often bleeds into your personal life and your personal life can often bleed into your work life.

However, we all know that if you want to get ahead, move up the ladder, become the boss you will be putting work first on many occasions. Now, is that right? Well, I guess that is all how you perceive success. Not everyone wants to be make more money or get that coveted promotion. WAIT! Yes, they do. Everyone I know wants to make more money and get the next position up the ladder. I have never met anyone who said "I make enough money".

The sad part is, money is not enough. The other sad part is, the person who told the lie that money doesn't buy happiness, lied. So, what now? Well, its called acceptance. In order for you to get ahead in life you will need to out work your co-worker, you will need to out hustle everyone around you and every one in a while you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

I have always been the one who partied hard and worked even harder. I always wanted the promotion, more money and to be thought of as the hardest working person the room. And that has not changed under any circumstances as I am a highly competitive person and I want to win! I want to be the clear winner when it comes to achievement in my career.

So what do I do for work life balance? I accept the fact that I am going to give every project my all and it is going to take sacrifice. I have also learned how to compartmentalize my time to be able to rest and find some balance in the imbalance. What does that mean? It means that you should work with what you got and if that means you only have an hour to yourself amidst the chaos or life then you better enjoy that hour like it was the last hour of your life.

Now - let me take a nap, the best nap of my life, yes that is how I am going the next hour of my life by having nap time. Hey, no one said naps were not a part of

finding balance.


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